Monday, July 23, 2007

Bersama Rakyat

Hello~=)) yesterday 22.07.07 was the day when lots n lots n lots of bruneians of different races and even some lots of foreigners came to Bandar Seri Begawan the capital city of Brunei for the gathering called 'Bersama Rakyat' for the people of brunei to actually get a chance to see,shake hands or Even Take a Picture OF the Sultan and Maybe WITH the Sultan and some of the other Royal family members IF they had the GUTS to ACTually ask for it personally xD =P *lol* anywho~~~

I woke up that day at around 6 and reached bandar at about 7 am..*sigh* sacrificed my beauty sleep for my hobby >.< (HAHA =P) So then there i was, shy with my short 18-55 mm lens xP No one to take pictures with, i strolled alone,shy, till i met more and more photographers i recognized xP In the end i found a Male friend photographer, nyahahah~ he lent me his Long ZOOOoooOooooOooM lens n i was Overwhelmed with HAppiness! HAHA XD so there i *Click* *Click* *Click*-ed n here are some of the results, Hahahah!~ xP They arent pretty tho, i dunno how to edit using photoshop n 'digitally enhance' it yet xP =P but hey, theyr still pictures~ =PPrince handshakes

Reaching out for the SultanHis Majesty in the crowd

Waiting their turn to handshake His Majesty


Pretty Police Cadets

A Brownie Student

Saturday, July 14, 2007

more kittiesss haha

Naughty Looking CUTE Boy Kitten =P

My sisters cat in a doll baju, wahahaha! =P

Fav photo =)

This is my favourite photo currently! My two CUTE kittens in a brown basket =D Heeeee~~=P

If you think my kitten is CUTE, wait till you see the Photographer . . . . . He He Ha Ho Ho Ho =)

The one infront is name Ucing Kuning and the sis at the bak is Back Bro. (HAHAHA, Uncle Dah ni buat! xD)

Welcome To SyazanaLens! ^^

Thank you for visiting SyazanaLens =D I'm a newbie so bear with me xP Enjoy the pictures if you can~ haha :P More pictures to be uploaded sooner or later, heee~~~ =))